GT. Gotlands tidningar by Edvin Hôgdal.

"Indeed, in the interplay between the light, the music and the choreography, astonishing magic occurs". 



Luis Javier Cordoba and

Mille Lundt


Sergio Mendes and Mille Lundt


Johan Segerberg

Light design:

Thyl Beniest


Inspired by their performance "The Intruder" (2016), the company Off Road offers to revisit this theme with their new creation "Hikikomori".



"Hikikomori" is an excerpt from reality and it unfolds in a universe that is inspired from a true story that took place in Japan 2008.


A homeless woman seeks shelter in a strangers apartment, The man who lives in the house is a pretty lonely soul, dreamy and despite himself quite a wizard. The woman decides to settle down in the man’s wardrobe. She fast get’s to know his daily routines, which gives her confidence and pushes her further into taking more risks; She eats the food from the man’s fridge, reads his newspaper and lives almost invisible, as if it was her own home. 


 “Off Road”  are proposing a true character play, performing in a classical theatre set they confront the line between real and un-real. “Hikikomori” opens up for the curiosity while it invites you to a imaginary world of magic, dance theatre, circus and live music.








30 representations at the Hablingbo Variety in Sweden, 2018.