Mille Lundt

Upcoming work

January 2021

In collaboration with Aires Libres, Mille gives a workshop in Brussels on the 25th of January on the subject: "Transforming the body through instant composition.".

Info: AiresLibres

October/November 2020

Premiere cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdown in France. The premiere is reported to 2021

Mille Lundt is collaborating with the French-based company "Cie For Want Of A Better" in their new creation "PUSH" Info:

August 2020

Mille Lundt will take part in the 1-month residency "Performative Landscapes" in  Copenhagen, she will be working on her performance "Structures".

March-September 2020

OriVolution tour cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdown in Belgium. 

Photo by Adrien Lecouturier