Mille Lundt

Upcoming work

April 2021

The project "WoManHood" got selected for the "Aide á la creation pour 2 formes courtes". organised by Espace Catastrophe and the festival XS at the National Theatre in Belgium.


"WoManHood" will be shown as a short form at the festival XS at The National Theatre during the dates 1- 3 of April 2021 and at the festival UP, dates to be confirmed.

February 2021

Mille Lundt is now a member of IN-SITU, a European platform for creation in public space.

More info:

January and March 2021

In collaboration with Aires Libres, Mille gives a workshop in Brussels on the 25th of January and on the 16th of March on the subject: "Transforming the body through instant composition.".

Info: AiresLibres

January 2021

Mille Lundt and Anke Fièves will be performing IN-Situ in the windows of closed cafes in the centre of Brussels city. The work is developed in the frame of "Circus In The City" organised by Espace Catastrophe.

More info: Circus In The City

October/November 2020

Mille Lundt is collaborating with the French-based company "Cie For Want Of A Better" in the new creation "PUSH" INFO

Premiere cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdown in France. The premiere is reported to 2021 at the festival Les Boreales

August 2020

Mille Lundt will take part in the 1-month residency "Performative Landscapes" in  Copenhagen organized by Metropolis, she will be working on her performance "Structures". INFO

March-September 2020

OriVolution tour cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdown in Belgium. 

Photo by Adrien Lecouturier