Mille Lundt offers artistic advice, physical training and contortion workshops. 


The workshops are based on physical training and include different choreographic work tools. Mille uses methods of static stretching and stretching actively in dynamic motion. She works with improvisation exercises around solo works and partner work.


 In her training, she proposes to expand and give elasticity to different parts of the body in order to free tensions and move more freely.


Different group exercises are proposed to train and observe the physical dialogue; what does the body communicate while moving or posing.


In the contortion training, we work to seek the action that changes or twists the shape of a body position into something else as; absurd, beautiful or unrecognisable. 



The physical training is worked in proximity to the site and architectural elements.

Through various exercises, we will research how the body folds and becomes part of an environment, how the body inhabits a space or how the body can stick out and become estranged to an environment.



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Experience 2010-2019:


Graine de cirque, France

Metropolis (KIT) Balancing the City, DK

Hablingbo Variety, SE

Metropolis (KIT) Body&Architecture, Denmark

Espace Catastrophe, Belgium

Fêtes de la Jeunesse Laïque au Forest National, Belgium

Pole Camp, Belgium

Festival Ficho, Mexico

Casa do Caminho orphanage, Brazil