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Traditionally speaking, experiencing art has always been linked to the sense of sight. So, how come art that's intended to be listened to, smelled, touched and even tasted, was and still is so neglected? The idea of experiencing art through basic senses inspired Mille Lundt to use a practice that would engage people to interact with the world around us, with all the senses at our disposal.


Mille offers different types of practices.




This workshop is based on physical training and includes different choreographic work tools. Mille uses methods of static stretching and stretching actively in dynamic motion. She works with improvisation exercises around solo works and partner work. In the training, she proposes to expand and give elasticity to different parts of the body in order to free tensions and move more freely.




This workshop is about experimenting through awareness and physical presence.

The work is centred around the composition of movement, linked to indoor space, outdoor space, body and sound. Mille proposes different exercises to open up for the physical language. Starting with an introduction to body movement based on the main premises of real-time composition. With the use of improvisation techniques, we will open ourselves to different ways of interaction. We will approach the body as an open system that seeks to move. The workshop explores performance strategies to form a dialogue between movement, space and process. We will work on different ways to create instant choreography in indoor space as well as urban space and nature.



This practice form is a focus on establishing a physical dialogue using our body as a matter to communicate. Using our senses is essential to our physical as mental health, for example, there is one study that reports that brain scans have revealed that affective touch activates the orbitofrontal cortex, a brain region associated with learning and decision-making as well as with emotional and social behaviours. Mille Lundt engages the body as a tool for communicating that can convey to deeper layers of the physical and emotional system.



Belgium, UP - Circus & performing Arts: Acro-dance & Impro-Dance

Belgium, ESAC : Transform the body through instant composition

Belgium, Aires Libres : Transform the body through instant composition

Denmark, Metropolis Copenhagen: Workshop for artists part of the residency "Body & Architecture"

Denmark, Metropolis Copenhagen & KADK School of Architecture: Bosætning workshop

France, Graine Du Cirque: Contortion & Movement

Sweden, Hablingbo Variety: Circus workshop for parents and children

Belgium, Espace Catastrophe: Contortion & Movement

Belgium, Fêtes de la Jeunesse Laïque au Forest National: Circus workshop 

Mexico, Festival Ficho: Contortion & Movement

Brazil, Casa do Caminho: Circus workshop for children

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