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I am a danish born artist based in Brussels since 2003. I am working in the intersection of performance, circus art, visual art, documentary, sound and photography.


Central to my work is the use of my own body as a living tool for investigation and creation. In my practice, I use the terms folding & unfolding in relation to the external environment & body sculpting.

I am interested in the settlement of how the body and space can be folded and turned so that they create a break in our usual ways of perceiving things. Can body and space fold into each other and gradually take over each other's positions? This way of breaking the habitual perspective is an important motive in my artistic research. 

The act of contortion is said to be the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something. In contortion, you seek to fold and unfold your body to reach physical external extremities. In order to fold your body, you apply pressure to the area that you wish to bend and at the same time, you suppress the elements that are on the inside. When you unfold or open up, by stretching a body part it creates a clear outline, like drawing a line in space. contortion is about folding, twisting and changing. 


I believe that one of the art's ways of acting is to be able to break with the conventional and provide different angles. Art can break everyday life’s conformity, and restore a new awareness of being in the world. 



Mille Lundt was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied theatre in Copenhagen from 1995 and switched to circus studies in 1998. She studied at circus schools in; AFUK, Copenhagen, National circus schools in; Havana (Cuba) Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine) and graduated from l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in 2006 in Brussels (Belgium).

In 2005, Mille participated in HC Andersen's Galla celebration at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen, directed by Lars Rudolfsson. Shortly after she co-founded the Scandinavian company, Royal Bones, with five circus artists and four musicians, they created two shows "Fusk" and Cirkus Koncert "which toured all over Europe.

Mille then co-created the Belgian company Off Road, with Luis Javier Cordoba in 2010, they worked respectively in urban space and in theatres with the shows "Collisions", "The Intruder" and "Hikikomori" winner of the appeal for Hablingbo Variety in Sweden.


In 2011, Mille collaborated with the Danish artist and director Cille Lansade on her first solo "Somewhere Nowhere" presented at The National Dance Stage in Copenhagen as part of the festival K.I.T. and after in the performance "Les Larmes Des Bristlecone" by the company Anomalie & co ...

Mille entered the dance scene by collaborating, between 2009 and 2017, with the French choreographer Rachid Ouramdane, now director of Thèâtre De Chaillot. She participates in the performances "Des Temoins Ordinaires" and "Sfumato" which toured the whole world.

Mille collaborates with the company For Want Of A Better in the two shows "Intime-Extime" in 2019 and "Push" in 2020 co-produced by the Théâtre du Champ Exquis in France.

Mille continues to develop her own work IN-Situ and for theatres, she invites different artists to collaborate in her projects all placed in the field of multidisciplinary art: "Ori", "Structures", "Une Chambre" and "WoManHood" Winner of the XS & UP Call for Projects! 2021|Espace Catastrophe & The National Theater Wallonia-Brussels.

Mille is a member of Aires Libres in Belgium and of the European network InSitu.

Her projects have been granted support on several occasions by the Danish Art Foundation and the Ministry of the French Community.

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