Mille Lundt was born in Copenhagen in Denmark. She studied theatre in Copenhagen from the year 1995 and shifted to circus studies in 1998. She has been studying at National Circus Schools in; Havana (Cuba) Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine) and graduated at E.S.A.C. in 2006 in Brussels (Belgium). Since then she has been developing her own artistic expression that is at once evocative and innovative. She seeks to develop and incorporate new movements in relation to the environment she works in. Her work has been supported several times by The Danish Art Foundation and The Ministry of the French community. Mille is a member of the Belgian Foundation Aires Libres as well as the European platform IN-SITU. Mille has throughout the years collaborated with the companies; Cie Anomalie & Co (FR), Cie For Want of A Better (FR), Teatro Glimt (DK) Royal Bones (DK) Nova Exit (DK), Yksi Kaksi (DK). Directors and Choreographers; Rachid Ouramdane (FR), Cille Lansade (DK), Lars Rudolfsson (SE), Rudi Skotheim Jensen (NO), Jørgen Carlslund (DK) and Helene Høm (DK). Photographers: WeAreOskar (BE) Adel Absdessemed (FR) and Adrien Lecouturier (FR).

Jean Jadin is collaborating as a composer and a musician in the performance "The Room". Jean was born in Uccle in 1962, he opted for the musical humanities at the Lycée at the Laeken Academy before entering the Royal Conservatories of Brussels in Mons. Pianist, composer and improviser, Jean collaborates with "Musique Nouvelle", the quartet "Danel" and the ensemble "Nahandove" as part of the international festival "Ars Musica". He recorded a sextet for piano and instruments under the label "René Gailly" with the ensemble "Claventi". He wrote a large number of pieces for the piano but also some works of chamber music and an oratorio. His current activities as a pianist mainly focus on personal compositions, leaving space for improvisation with solo or group concerts. He accompanies improvisation theatre groups, painters, storytellers, dancers and Eurythmy groups all over Europe.

Anke Fiévez is collaborating on the performance WoManHood as an aerialist and physical performer. Throughout her childhood, she was fascinated by the integrity and boldness of certain heroines. She discovered early on the pleasure of mastering her body as well as a theatrical play. At the age of 15, in a workshop, she developed a taste for the circus world and decided to leave Germany after her baccalaureate to join ESAC in Brussels. Initially specializing in hand to hand, it is in the air that she finds her place. Then it is with the company Feria Musica that she learns to fly in the aerial cradle and that the pleasure of dancing reveals to her. She tries to explore the aerial work in a different way in "Sway", the fruit of the company "Les Mains Sales" that she had co-created. A "stage" break follows this creation before she decides to reconnect with the circus and joins BabaFish for " I, Mistress&Wife ", and " Jump or Fall ", in collaboration with Juliana Neves. At the same time she joined Feria Musica for a second tour in "Infundibulum", and then it is their new project "Daral Shaga" with more humanistic directions that appeal to her. She fell in love with a new aerial apparatus, it is on lifting chains that she confronts new limits and lets certain borders melt within her. 

The position of women in our society and the questioning of identity and gender have always preoccupied her, both professionally and personally. In the meantime, she has been immersed and trained in a completely different universe, naturopathy. This discovery breathes new energies into her work and her approach to the spectator. From then on, it is the vegetal world that becomes part of her artistic research and the tree becomes a new working partner. For her, the interest of being on stage is to express her experience as well as the fruit of her observation of everyday life. It is on the stage that sometimes her dark side is revealed thanks to her overflowing emotions. 

Guro Tveitnes is collaborating on the performance WoManHood as a singer, musician and composer, she grew up by a fjord in Norway. She has a background ranging between classical, musical theatre, folk music, pop music, to free jazz and experimental music. In 2009 she started her studies at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, where she graduated as Master of Music in 2014. At RMC she, along with eight other singers, founded the experimental vocal ensemble IKI, which has since become one of the leading free improvisation vocal ensembles in Europe. They won a Danish Music Award for their first album «IKI» in 2009, and has since then released two albums, three EPs, and toured Europe. Their latest album «Oracle» was nominated twice at Danish Music Awards 2018. Other projects include the ten-piece ensemble «Kahina», «Hi Hawaii Extended», «Antonia Hyde», and various free improvisation constellations. She has been both on stage as a performer and off stage as a vocal coach on numerous plays and was the translator and vocal coach for the Norwegian premiere of the Stephen Schwartz-musical «Pippin» in 2018. She is a sought after teacher and has given multiple workshops in free improvisation for singers all over Europe. As a singer and musician, she wants to break down barriers between different genres and works with expanding the understanding of what a singer can do.


Deborah Lennie collaborates as a musician on the performance "Structures", she was born in New Zealand and grew up in Australia. After having finished her studies at the Sydney CNSM in piano and classical singing (double first awards), she entered the academic studies in Political Science at the University of Sydney. She left Australia and moved to Paris in 1995. Back in Sydney in 1998, she worked with the Sydney Actors Centre. In 2000, she returned to Caen in France. Her theatrical training took her to a practice of experimental improvisation that she pursues in her personal projects today, as an actress and musician. She has worked with directors such as Tanya Gerstle, Georges Bigot, Dean Carey, Laure Rungette. With choreographer: Rachid Ouramdane, in poetry sound with Sonia Chiambretto, Luc Benazet and Benoit Casas, with visual artists such as Gunilla Josephsson, Christophe Bisson, Frederic Hocke and with artists and musicians such as Patrice Grente, Will Guthrie, Clayton Thomas, Naoto Yamagashi, Pascal Legall. In 2011, she founded the company ` for want of a better ... ''