" A ROOM "

This collaboration is set between the pianist Jean Jadin from Belgium and the performer and circus artist Mille Lundt from Denmark. The work unfolds between contemporary music, text, movement and improvisation. 

Inspired by the painter Edward Hopper, we relate in this performance to a selective vision of an interpretative rendering of realism. We want to use Edward Hopper's illustrations of emptiness, wideness and isolated figures. By using these terms we observe and discuss the emotional and physical state of solitude. Solitude is a state of seclusion or isolation, lack of contact with people. Solitude is the condition of being alone with oneself.

In the performance a woman and a man share an undefined time together in a confined space. The room could be an office, a living room or a study. The two characters move around inside of this room as if they have stayed here for already a long time. They have their habit’s around each other, but they are never in physical contact, neither do they look directly at one another. All communication is led through sound and movement. They are awaiting something, something to happen.

Creation: 2021/2022


Production: Expression 2000

By and with: Jean Jadin and Mille Lundt

Music: Jean Jadin

Choreography: Mille Lundt

Text written by: Adrien Lecouterier and Mille Lundt

Light creation: Frédéric Vannes

Co-director: Marielle Morale

Co-production: La Communauté Française

Supported by: MCCS, Arsonic, Centre Culturel de Braine-le-Comte, Centre Culturel de Soignies, Transfo, Ancien Carmel, Dynamo (DK) , Château De Monthelon (FR)

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