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TREEMING, a new IN-SITU project conceptualised and created by Anke Fiévez and Mille Lundt aims to create an utter and urgent stillness as a contrast to our fast moving society today. Anke Fiévez and Mille Lundt, both living in Belgium for more than twenty years, are working as creators and performers in the intersection of performance and circus art.

They both place their work In-Situ and in indoor spaces.

Creation 2025.

Michel Wathieu


During the creation for the performance WoManHood, seeds for a new project emerged, it was a common need for Mille and Anke to explore a specific outdoor environment, this new project entitled Treeming is therefore a long shared interest to increase a focus on trees, soil and roots set in a natural environment or in the urban environment. We, Mille and Anke, wish to defend this new IN-SITU project: Treeming, a versatile proposal of an experimental form for outdoor use, with nature and especially the trees as its starting point. A universal symbol since the dawn of time, the tree symbolises, among other things, strength, power, wisdom, fertility and life. In recent years it has become clear that these beings have, like us, their functions, their emotions, their families, functions similar to ours.This living being, which is increasingly brought to light today and is the subject of numerous studies and research, is at the centre of the artistic project, which also focuses on the health and mental health of the human being and therefore of our public.


We explore the tree, its roots and the site around it. With a group of volunteer participants we need a specific time to develop knowledge about the site and to create the performance especially for each unique place. The work is an understanding of the richness of the site and its dimensions: spatial, historical, social, poetic and acoustic. Through guidance, the participants will experience and explore the relationship between the physical body and physical matter. The working methods for creating Treeming are shaped by an encounter between oneself and the environment. The specific history of the place, the relationships that exist there, its atmosphere, all enrich the writing and feed the script. 

Partners: Circ'uit

Residencies: Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, UP Circus & performance Art, Latitude 50

Lien Nullens
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