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Movement and adaptation to movement


A twenty minutes performance, Ori mixes space and time incorporating the movements of Mille Lundt and the music of Pierre Quiriny.

The explored universe plays on the perspective and deceives our understanding of space.
Mille Lundt distorts a common and functional concept into a delicate, absurd, and unreal dimension of space. Pierre Quiriny's soundscape grows slowly, placed closed to the movements and accompanying with finesse and delicacy the loss of visual cues.


Installation, physical performance, and music is combined in Ori to reveal the capacities of interaction, combination, imitation, and possession.

For all audiences, Ori is intended for atypical interior spaces such as art galleries, museums, exhibition venues, etc.

Choreographer and performer: Mille Lundt
Musical creation and interpretation: Pierre Quiriny
Installation: Suzanne Groothuis

Production: Mille Lundt

Creation residencies:

Arsonic in Mons

Ancien Carmel in Soignies.

One Straw - Johan Segerberg
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Urcell - Johan Segerberg
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