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“STRUCTURES”  A site-specific contemporary circus performance

Mille was selected in 2020 as an artist to research her project "Structures" under the 1-month long residency "Performative Landscapes" organised by Metropolis-Copenhagen and in 2023 to join the European project "Hand to Hand".


Exploring new balances and interactions between human, body and “nature” PERFORMATIVE LANDSCAPES was one of three Metropolis Residency programmes in 2020.

Seven international artists lived and worked in Copenhagen for a month. 

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 "Hand to Hand" a European cooperation project which aims to explore the issue of sustainability through learning and experiential spaces of innovation and research for circus artists, especially emerging artists in their artistic practice in public space, and give them new capacities of initiating such a transition. More info:


Through a journey of four exploration times and immersion residencies, Hand to hand offers experimentation spaces through a cross-sectoral collaboration, including cultural and creative industries, researchers in ecology and art, Mille will learn about the making of champagne with the private firm : Joseph Perrier, champagne house in France.

An ongoing process that leads into a site-specific performance where sound, landscape and movement merge together into one. Structures is being developed through the researched material from the residency Performative Landscapes and the exploration times under the project Hand to Hand.


"Structures" will be presented in 2024 as part of the Hand to Hand project in; Le Palc, national circus centre in France, ROOM 100 in Croatia, Bússola in Portugal and Helsingør Theatre in Denmark.

More about the Project "Structures":

On a field, "Structures" emerges as a living canvas, painted and illustrated by authentic performers with a sound landscape that invites you closer to the world of champagne making.


Holes in the ground, bodies half seen, half covered in dirt, sinking into the soil. Human backs are lying on the ground, legs dug into the soil, floating upper bodies, smoke erases the lines of what is body and other matter, the smoke blurs the fine contours of what is real and unreal. Like new planted seeds, the human body symbolise now the seed that becomes a plant, this plant is harvested and transformed into a different matter. A sound landscape is emerging, coming closer to the ear, champagne cellars, champagne worker's routine of turning bottles and the harvesting of the vine, the making of champagne with nature in focus.  A focus into the battle field of human industrial luxury products and ecology.

"Structures" is a performative landscape of five physical performers that shows the essence of physical expression of circus bodies, land art and sound, inspired by the French vineyards, champagne-cellars, today's champagne workers, viewed through the lenses of ecology.


How do we work with the nature ? When do we work against? Fractions meet in a industrialised landscape that becomes a performative landscape.

As a manifest, the performance relates to the structure of the architecture on the site. It questions the boundaries between architecture, nature and humans. The body and architecture merge sometimes into the landscape or stand out as opposite individuals. The performance breaks with the norms and opens up for new ways of inhabiting a space.







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