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A site-specific contemporary circus performance

"Structures" is a performance that is worked from the basis of an immersion residency at the Joseph Perrier champagne house in France. The project aims to search for a balance through social ecology in an artisanal sector and to gather an apprenticeship and time of observation into a performance. Using testimonies from the workers of Joseph Perrier champagne "Structures" creates a vivid canvas, an outdoor performative landscape of physical expression of circus bodies, land art and sound. 


Sustainable wines are produced in vineyards that practise water and energy conservation, preserve ecosystems and local wildlife. A vineyard that produces sustainable wine actively encourages and maintains healthy soils because they know that by doing so they will be able to continue growing grapes for years to come. Working close to the soil, the performance goes close to different soils and investigates how to create a habitat related to the soil or ground. Mille play's with the intention to visually and physical plant people in the soil and shows through choreographically patterns matters of adaptation and movement.


Circus art uses repetition for learning new skills, just as the manual work in the champagne production, Through practice, a conscious skill can shift to the subconscious. Repeating an action until it becomes second nature means we no longer have to think about it and will perform it more at ease and more natural. Evoked by the improvisation process Mille relates to the vineyard's environment and creates a visual and sound imaginative composition.


"Structures" takes place in any outdoor environment, a field, the sea, a wasteland, an old factory. The performance questions the boundaries between soil and the human body and opens up for other ways of inhabiting a landscape. Testimonies from champagne workers takes us closer to a reality of a complex world where the fine balance between human, nature and technology is at the core of the daily work and life.

For each performance Mille will collaborate with new volunteers, all with a background in a physical sector such as dance or circus, here she will choreograph and create the performance for each new landscape.

Concept and choreography: Mille Lundt


Artistic Advisor: Delphine Lanson

Supported by :


 "Hand to Hand" a European cooperation project

The project brings together 4 European partners, cultural circus and performing art operators : Le Palc, a national circus centre in France, ROOM 100 in Croatia, Bússola in Portugal and Helsingør Theatre in Denmark. 

More info:


Metropolis Copenhagen - Performative Landscapes 2020

Le Palc - Châlons en champagne France 2024







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