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“STRUCTURES”  A site-specific performance

“People come from different places, inhabit different bodies, have different experiences, are situated differently in power structures and have different boundaries. Take this into account, challenge your own position and let it be challenged, while respecting other people’s boundaries”. (Performing Art Forum, France)


This site-specific propose a performance where sound, landscape and movement merge together into one.


Evoked by improvisation process the performance relates to the site’s environment and creates visual and sound imaginative compositions. In "Structures" each performance is a new show created through improvisation directly on the site or prepared during a 2 days residency.


The performance relates to the structure of the architecture on the site. It question’s the boundaries between the architecture and body. The body and architecture merge sometimes into one landscape or stands out as opposite individuals. The performance breaks with the norms and opens up for new ways of inhabiting a space.


Performer, contortionist and choreographer, Mille Lundt, creates out of a necessity to communicate towards the audience which gives her the potential to find unique movements. She inhabits a specific space using her body language to evoke integrity. The body she presents is the anchor of anecdotes and functions as the silent storyteller set in an urban space, indoor atypical space or in nature.

"Structures" has the possibility of existing with a live soundscape. Mille collaborates with various musicians that work with mixing live field recording and live sound. The music is used to emphasize the visual of the landscape and the performed actions.

Workshops can be offered in relation to the creation of the performance, which includes participants to take part in the process and performing in the end in the show.


Mille was part of the residency programme "Performative Landscapes" organised by Metropolis in 2020.

She worked on the project "Structures" and presented it as a performative night walk at the end of the residence.














Mille chose to make her “trace” after a month-long residency as a series of night time performative scenes located in the post-industrial landscape of Refshaleøen.


As an audience, we were invited to walk through the desolate area encountering four visually strong and atmospheric scenes which built on the latent imagery of this area with its redundant water filled docks, overgrown asphalted wastelands, ominous storage buildings, distant waste disposal plants.


This unfinished landscape is powerful in its own right and has many potential narratives, and Mille found the right balance opting for a suggestive approach to every scene which gave us the chance to build our own narratives on the basis of the characters, actions and situations she choreographed in-situ.


She struck a perfect balance with an overpowering sense of imagery balancing between the fragility of the figures in the work, each caught in a precarious and even desperate situation. But at the same time eluding both sereneness and innocence facing the unknown. A shadowy figure slowly rowing her in the huge dock to disappear under a bridge,  a figure sitting in a disused container looking into a mirror, a figure laying on the asphalt, caught in a car's headlights. Haunting images and highly suspended situations, just long enough to make a strong imprint on the memory and short enough to trigger the imagination. (Trevor Davies, director of Metropolis)

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