The outset for this performance is Pepa Hristova’s illustration on The Sworn Virgins in Albania, the last men-woman of Europe. In WoManHood we treat the physical borderline between woman-man.


The project is blending documentary, sound and physical performance. Through complex situations, it aims to combine fiction and reality on stage to shift our perspective on identity and genre.


The project will be carried out in close collaboration between the four artists: Delphine Lanson (French dramaturge, stage director and film director), Anke Fiévez (German aerial artist and performer), Mille Lundt (Danish contortionist, performer and choreographer), and Guro Tveitnes (Norwegian singer and music composer).

We believe that crossing art forms generates a wider space of creativity and breaks down boundaries between each art form. WoManHood is a modern portrait of women's survival methods in a patriarchal society.

Co-produced by The National Theatre  Wallonie Bruxelles/ Festival XS and Espace Catastrophe/Festival UP.