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“WoManHood” blends fiction and reality on stage, using circus art, music, and documentary.


WoManHood is a performance about the fine line between a woman being a man. 

Inspired by the culture of The Sworn Virgin in Albania and the silent mountains that protect them, the performance goes from real life to the imaginary. The performance is carried out by two female circus practitioners, a female singer, a light composer set in a black box with a minimalistic set design. Why do we think of specific attitudes as feminine or masculine? In this concept we dive into socio-cultural understandings and misunderstandings of gender. Is it possible to be in-between, not to be one or another? To simply exist as the person we are? Or do we need to take a stand and exist as one gender?

We leave the question to the audience, while we gather sound, actions, spoken word, and live interviews. 

The show explores the physical boundary between women and men today and aims to shift our perspective on identity and gender. I talk about WoManHood, as a way to reflect upon woman and man, what is a strong woman ? What is it to be a woman ? What is it to live a woman’s life ? What happens when a woman becomes a man ? Like in the Albanian tradition of the Burneshas, where a woman takes the role of a man and becomes a man. Why have there throughout history been a need for women to behave, become, act as men ? Why is it not enough to be a woman ?


WoManHood is above all a visual and physical performance that emphasises the fragility and strength of gestures.

The performance is created in collaboration with:

Concept and idea: Mille Lundt

Directing: Delphine Lanson

Creation, aerial artist & performer: Anke Fiévez

Creation & performer: Mille Lundt

Singer & music composer: Guro Tveitnes

Light design : Hugues Girard


Documentary Cast:

Circus artists in Tirana, Albania:

Juxhina Madhi

Sabina Troshku

Paola Dedolli

Burnesha in the Northern mountains, Albania:

Augustina Grishaj (Duni)

Burnesha by the sea in Durres:

Diana Rakipi (Lali)

Photo of the Burnesha, Qamile used in the documentary by photographer:

Jutta Bentzenberg

Camera: Delphine Lanson

Editors: Nicolas Misfud and Delphine Lanson


Pierluigi Mormino, Delphine Lanson, Mille Lundt, Willem-Jan Meeus, Aelita Llazi and Guro Tveitnes 

Subtitles: Hugues Girard and Willem-Jan Meeus


A big thank you for the advice and help in Albania to; Juliette Lequesne (French embassy in Albania) and Briseida Mema (Journalist in Albania).


Production: Mille Lundt

Co-productions: National Theatre Wallonia Brussels, UP - Circus & Performing Arts, Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof.


Supported by: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, service des Arts du Cirque, Rue, Forains


Creation residencies: National Theatre Wallonia Brussels, UP - Circus & Performing Arts, Wolubilis ,Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof and La Roseraie.

Laureate of the Call for Projects XS & UP! 2021 | UP - Circus & Performing Arts & The National Theatre Wallonia Brussels.

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